Shootout At Salt Flat

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ISBN: 9781457525070
192 pages

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The Chihuahuan Desert has a serial killer on the prowl, terrorizing both sides of Rio Grande River. A cowboy, Viet Nam veteran happens on to a crime scene, only to become a suspect. In a sequence of calamities he gets in a shootout on the Salt Flats beneath the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas. Eluding capture Joe Mack goes on the dodge via horseback through the Sierra Diablo's and Guadalupe Mountains. Amidst this complex dilemma he longs to reconcile with his estranged wife.


About Lynn Chelewski

Lynn Chelewski was born and raised in Nebraska, the descendent of a long line of farmers and homesteaders who lived in sod huts or simple un-insulated frame structures and scratched out a living on the tough prairie by raising crops and livestock. Lynn spent much of his working career in the great Southwest, in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. Having come from a long line of farmers and stock producers, he had often dreamed of being a rancher someday.



The blazing sun was glaring off the arid expanse of salt lakes at the base of the Guadalupe Mountains in far West Texas. A red-tailed hawk soaring several thousand feet up near the vertical drop of that massive limestone edifice called El Capitan in the Guadalupe Mountains spied a lanky, six-foot-tall, brown-haired, bearded cowboy arriving in a rattling truck and a trail of dust.


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